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Hogan Crusader's manager; Richard Cox has spent all his working life in the pastoral and equine industry.

He was born on a cattle station in Ghana, West Africa, in 1974 and moved to Brisbane at age five. From 1987 to 1991 heattended Brisbane Boys College and after completing his secondary school studies, began an Advanced Certificate in Beef Production at Longreach Pastoral College. He graduated from Longreach Agricultural College in 1993 and took up a position as jackeroo within the Australian Agricultural Company on Brunette Downs, Tennant Creek, NT. Two years later he was promoted to Headstockman and ran one of the commercial stockcamps until 1998 when he left Australia to work and travel for 12 months through the UK, USA and Canada, including stints on well-known ranches through Texas and Alberta.

On his return he took the position of Overseer with Stanbroke Pastoral Company on Fort Constantine, Cloncurry. During this time he operated Stanbroke’s horse breeding program at Fort Constantine – one of two Stanbroke stations breeding horses for supply as yearlings for use on the company’s 28 Queensland and Northern Territory properties. This saw Richard and his team joining around 180 broodmares annually to sires such as Marnie’s Command – one of the last sons by the legendary Elliots Creek Cadet, as well as handling all progeny.The aim was to produce a consistent line of functional animals with good temperament and conformation. Richard was also involved in establishing the Stanbroke Colt Challenge whereby jackeroos, jillaroos and headstockmen competed their `breakers’ in areas such as handling, dry patterns and wet work, firstly at a regional level with the winners then competing on a whole-of-company level.

In 2000, aged 26 he became the youngest station manager ever appointed by Stanbroke and transferred to Beresford Station, Clermont. Richard managed Beresford for three years before resigning to take over Cracow Station as owner/operator with his wife Sarah.